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You never know when a storm might roll through and bring a barrage of hail or when gusts of wind tear through your neighborhood or business park. When it does, your roof usually takes the brunt of the damage. When these storms come, know that you have a storm damage roofing company in the El Paso area that can repair or replace your roof — Roof Solutions & Construction! Contact us for a free estimate.

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As your local roofing experts, Roof Solutions and Construction understands how daunting it can be to contact contractors to come to inspect, estimate, and repair your damaged roof. 

It’s not often that homeowners and businesses experience severe weather in El Paso, but they can be devastating when harsh storms do visit our community. Add the humid weather and high temperatures, and your roof is being tested almost every day.


Our team of roofing contractors has the experience to get your roof repaired the right way the first time.

Hail Damage Repair

It can be a lovely quiet weekend when a sudden barrage of hail swarms your neighborhood, pounding your roof for what seems like a few minutes and then vacates the area. Most would think that this hail storm wouldn’t be able to damage your roof.

Unfortunately, the amount and size of hail heavily determine how much it can damage your roof. The condition of your roof before the storm also plays a role in how much damage may be sustained. Furthermore, the type of roof is a factor in how hail may or may not damage it. 

These factors play a part in what kind of repairs we will recommend and perform for you! At Roof Solutions, we will come to the site of the damage and provide knowledgeable and efficient service for you and your family’s roof.

Wind Damage Repair

It’s a serious matter when the wind howls through El Paso, Texas. Although you may not hear hail or see a tornado, wind can severely damage your roof. The best way to prepare for a high current is to have your local roof repair company inspect your roof at least once a year.

A windstorm can damage your roof in two distinct ways. The first is if the wind damages or rips the material off your roof. The second way is if the wind smashes debris or junk into your roof, leaving you with possible dents or dings. In the former, you can do more to prevent it with annual inspections; however, the latter is better dealt with after the fact through a home insurance claim.

Storm Damage Repair Services

As the top storm damage and roof repair company in El Paso, we take pride in helping keep you, your family, or your business safe through the following roof damage repair services:

If your roof has sustained damage, currently leaks, or has not had an inspection in a year, give Roof Solutions and Construction a call today at (915) 691-7800.

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