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Roof inspections are essential for homeowners and business owners in El Paso. A proper assessment of a building or home’s roof can help a property owner know what maintenance is needed. A thorough inspection of your roof will determine if repair or replacement is necessary to keep a structure’s interior and exterior intact. 

Roof Solutions & Construction, the #1 El Paso roofer for the area, understands the steps that should be taken to complete a roof inspection. 

El Paso Roof Inspections

Roof Solutions & Construction is local to El Paso, Tx, and knows how to provide committed work for property owners. Roof inspections can be completed by our team at Roof Solutions & Construction to provide details needed for roof replacement or roofing repairs.

These inspections can be done on residential and commercial properties to find hidden issues in roofing systems. Having your home or property’s roof inspected regularly can ensure a roof is correctly maintained throughout the year.

Why Are Roof Inspections Necessary? 

A roof inspection is necessary because it contributes to good maintenance. A building or homeowner can better address minor issues with a roof if routine inspections are done.

An inspection can also be beneficial from an insurance standpoint. Roof inspections are necessary when filing a claim with an insurance carrier after high winds or threatening storms have damaged roofs. 

Roof Solutions & Construction in El Paso can evaluate and perform regular inspections for a building owner to present to their insurance agent. This type of roof inspection can be helpful while navigating the insurance claims process to get roofing repairs done faster.

What Do We Look For During a Roof Inspection?

The Roof Solutions & Construction professionals in El Paso, TX, look at the roof’s overall health while conducting a free roof inspection. Some key questions that are always asked during the inspection process may include:

  • What is the roof’s overall condition regarding materials, slope, structure, age, and overall appearance?
  • Are pieces of the roof damaged, dented, missing, or beyond repair?
  • Are there any hidden issues with the roofing system that could cause immediate issues and problems down the road?
  • Is there any rot or deterioration observed on the roof?
  • Has recent storm activity or high winds negatively impacted the roof?

Why Trust Us?

Roof Solutions & Construction in El Paso is a local company voted #1 Roofer in El Paso, TX due to being a trustworthy and professional company.

Roof replacement and roof maintenance are essential services that our company provides for all customers in need. From start to finish on a roofing project, the professionals at Roof Solution & Construction can be counted on to get the job done to the customer’s satisfaction. 

Be it maintenance or roof repair from storm damage, the Roof Solution & Construction team will work with an insurance company and the property owner to get the job done right.

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Roof Solutions & Construction will work hard to provide inspections to assist with all matters regarding getting a roof repaired, evaluated, or replaced. Our goal is to make a customer always feel safe and happy with the work from Roof Solution & Construction in El Paso, TX. 

Roof Solutions & Construction is here to provide quality roof installation and replacement. Call our contact phone number at 915-974-3243 today for a free roof inspection quote.

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