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7 Questions to Ask Your Local Roofer

Roof maintenance is an essential concern for every El Paso homeowner. The average asphalt composite roof lasts between 15 and 30 years, depending on when it was built and the shingle specs. Storms, animal activity, and poor conditions typically lead to regular repairs throughout a home’s lifespan. 

Whether your roof shingles were peeled and cracked by the last high wind or your roof is near time to reinstall, you will need a team of trustworthy local El Paso roofers to help with repairs or replacement.

How do you know the right roofers for the job? These seven questions can help you interview local roofers to find the right team for your current roof needs and maybe even your long-term roofing partner. When meeting with a local roofer, here’s what to ask:

1) Where are you Located?

Ask your local roofers where their headquarters is located. Your ideal roofers live in your town or within a few reasonable miles of your home. This allows your roofers to schedule you more quickly, respond to your calls and emergencies, and gives them an understanding of homes in your region. 

A nearby headquarters is good for your partnership and shows your roofer is not from a distant spreading brand or an itinerant roofer selling discount shingles from the back of a truck.

 2) Have You Worked on Roofs In My Neighborhood / Designed Like Mine?

A roofer who understands your roof is invaluable, and not all roofs are alike. Ask your roofer if they have worked in your neighborhood – where roofs are very similar, or if they have experience working with a specific type of room and home instruction. 

Most established roofing teams will understand your roof, and the right local team may already have clients in your neighborhood and have a complete understanding of your home’s roofing needs.

3) What Does Your Inspection Say About My Roof?

Many roofing services offer a preliminary inspection to make a better estimate or offer. Ask what the results of that inspection were. They may tell you that your roof is in good shape but for a few worn shingle edges, or they may mention you have a loose flashing that needs to be replaced. 

If your roofer mentions any problems, ask what they would recommend as a solution and a rough pre-estimate estimate. An honest assessment of the inspection is a good sign that you’ve found a good team.

4) When Can You Schedule My Roof Service?

Some roofing companies have packed schedules. You can go through an entire inspection and estimate before you hear the next availability is next Spring. Ask each roofing company when your service might be scheduled and look for the best team with the shortest wait.

5) Can I See Your License, Certs, Bonds, and Insurance?

Roofing is a trade that requires quite a bit of licensure. Naturally, you want a team of roofers that can show you their license, certs, bonds, and insurance. While you don’t really need to “see” it all, it’s important to find a roofing company that can provide you with all their official documentation and guarantees of service quality before the roofing begins.

6) How do You Handle Disposal and Cleanup?

Cleanup is a critical part of good roofing. Removing shingles and other roof materials can spray debris, roof granules, shingle bits, and even roofing nails out into the yard around the perimeter of the house. 

Look for a team prepared to bring their own dumpster if the predicted mess is big enough. This will help make your yard and the space around your shady porch more friendly to the local animals.

7) How Should I Prepare Before a Roofing Service?

Depending on your house and the work that needs doing, you may need to prepare the home for roofing. Ask your roofers the steps they recommend to keep your yard, cars, pets, and home safe while the roof is being worked on. 

Your roofers can explain what precautions to take and why it’s a good idea based on your home’s structure and the roofing work to be done.
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