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Praised for its strength and durability, PVC roofing is a great choice for businesses in El Paso looking for a protective coating for their flat roof. Impressively weather and heat resistant, PVC roofing is an affordable investment for a long term roofing solution.

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what Is PVC Roofing?

Polyvinyl chloride or PVC is a plastic that is affordable and durable, making it one of the most common construction materials available. PVC roofing is made from layers of the plastic material. In between the two layers of PVC is a layer of polyester that reinforces the PVC layers. The roofing material itself is treated with additives that keep it flexible, UV stable, reflective, and resistance to dust and debris.

How Is PVC Roofing Installed?

Typically, PVC roofing is installed through three methods. The first is called “fully adhered” installation. This is when the PVC material is attached to the roof using an adhesive. This is perfect for commercial buildings with the proverbial mobile flat roofs like those made from concrete. The second installation method is mechanical. This means that metal screws and heavy plates are used to attach the PVC to your roof. If you’re in a high wind area this may be the best choice for your PVC roof. Finally, there is a ballasted installation process. Rather than using an adhesive or screws and plates, this form of installation places a layer of PVC material underneath a layer of rock to hold it in place.

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Working with a local roofing contractor to care for your commercial roof is an investment pain in your community, and in the long term success of your building. Roof Solutions & Construction uses premium PVC roofing materials as well as skilled workmanship to meet all of your roofing needs. You can start your new commercial roofing project by contacting us today and asking for a free quote. While you’re at it, be sure to ask us about our great financing program that can offer you up to 12 months interest-free.

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