Making Your Roof Like New

Roofs — especially those installed by Roof Solutions & Construction — are made to last. However, El Paso’s intense sun exposure and temperatures, hail, and other inclement weather can take its toll on your roof. Roof restoration can be the key to making your roof like new. During roof restoration we clean, repair, replace, and recoat the roof. Contact our roofing contractors to get a free estimate!

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Nothing lasts forever, and your roof is no different. Remember that it soaks up solar energy on brutally hot days, acts as a shield during rain and hail storms, and does its best to withstand howling winds. Considering the punishment it takes on a regular basis here in El Paso, it’s inevitable that the roof will eventually lose its protective functionality and appearance.

If you’re noticing wear and tear in your roof, you might start worrying that you’ll be forced to shoulder the financial burden of a brand new roof. Instead of stressing, contact the professionals at Roof Solutions & Construction. While we certainly can provide you with a completely new roofing, that’s not your only option. Restoration is frequently a more affordable route, particularly when it comes to commercial roofs.

Improve the temperature control within your building and your energy consumption, and save money on energy bills.

This cost-effective and proactive process can be utilized to extend the life of your roof. We’ll upgrade its functionality along with identifying and repairing any structural defects we find. Furthermore, roof restoration restores the waterproofing elements, preventing leaks and keeping mold and moisture from seeping inside and causing further damage.

Not only is roof restoration far less expensive than replacement, it’s also much less disruptive since most of the roof structure won’t be removed. Plus, when you reuse the existing roofing structure, you’ll save money on disposal costs and be far more environmentally friendly.

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