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Nobody Covers You Better!

Investing in home improvement is a critical part of maintaining or increasing it’s value over time, and keeping your business’ roof in top-shape means not having to worry about whether you’ll face interruption in the event of major weather events. A new roof for your home or business in El Paso can also increase its resale value down the road as well as have immediate benefits like elevating the property’s aesthetic appearance or lowering monthly utility bills by improving energy efficiency. If you are ready to improve or replace your roof but need financing to make it happen, then look no further than Roof Solutions & Construction.

12 Month Interest-Free Financing Available – Same As Cash!

At Roof Solutions and Construction, we offer 12 Month Interest-Free Financing. While the specific interest rate will differ based on customer information and project details, our average interest rate after 12 months is between 10% and 12%. For customers with outstanding credit, we are happy to negotiate a lower interest rate.

Financing FAQs:

What is the process for obtaining financing through Roof Solutions & Construction?

After you contact Roof Solutions & Construction, we will provide you with an application for financing. Based on the application we will provide you with a determination about eligibility. If you qualify for financing we will also provide you with an office that includes an Annual Percentage Rate (APR), a monthly payment amount, and term conditions based on your application information. From there qualified applicants can select an offer and provide additional information to finalize the application.

Who is eligible for loans through Roof Solutions & Construction?

To be eligible for a loan you must be over the age of 18 and you must be a U.S. citizen or legal resident.

Once I receive a loan can I pay extra on my monthly payment or pay of my loan early?

Yes! If you so choose you may make additional loan payments or pay off your loan early without incurring any fees.

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