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6 Reasons Why Everyone Needs A Metal Roof

There’s a reason why the market share for metal roofing has been steadily increasing 3% every year: it has a lot to offer the commercial and residential roofing world alike! To learn more about the features and the benefits that define this innovative roofing material, keep on reading. 

What Are The Features Of A Quality Metal Roof?

A metal roof offers a sleek feel to any building or home, coming in a variety of shapes and materials. The standing seam metal roofing offered at Roof Solutions and Construction is one of the best metal roofing types offered in the marketplace. 

This is because these vertical sheet metal panels contain: 

  • Panels made from strong aluminum and galvanized steel 
  • Reflective pigments and emissive metals 
  • The choice between the mechanical lock and snap lock metal roofing 

The Top 6 Benefits of Metal Roofing El Paso 

Although the professionals at Roof Solutions and Construction are equipped to handle a variety of roof types, metal roofs have many benefits that cannot be matched by other roof materials. The top 6 surprising benefits of installing a metal roof include: 

#1: They Last Longer

Traditional roofing has nothing on the lasting power of a metal roof. On average, buildings with metal roofs can expect to stay intact for upwards of 40 to 70 years as opposed to the usual 12 to 20 years of the typical asphalt roofing materials. More than two times the shelf life is an investment worth considering! 

#2: They Are Low Maintenance

The last thing a business or homeowner wants is a roof that requires constant maintenance and stress! Once a metal roof is installed, there’s not much else to be done besides the occasional inspection to ensure it is still in tip-top shape. The usual damages that accompany a roof are nearly eradicated with the durability that a metal roof offers. 

These common damages are greatly diminished with a metal roof: 

  • Leaks causing wear and tear
  • Mildew and mold accumulation
  • Fire-related damages
  • Animal and pest-related resistant

#3: They Are Optimal For Warm Climates

In the strong Texas heat, anything that works to combat the intensity of the sun’s rays is greatly appreciated. The beauty of El Paso metal roofing is that it actually reflects the sun instead of absorbing its heat, and is not damaged by any heat-related expansion like a normal roof. Overall, this limits the need for using excessive amounts of air conditioning as a cooling measure in the warm summer months, saving a lot of unnecessary spending and discomfort! 

#4: They Are Weather Resistant

The durability of a metal roof makes them the most ideal material for withstanding harsh weather conditions. Rain, strong winds, snow, storms, and even lightning strikes don’t usually cause too much damage to these roofs! 

#5: They Are Stylish

At the end of the day, the appearance and style of a metal roof stand out against competitor materials. Metal provides a modern, sleek, and unique component to any building or house looking for a pick-me-up! The plethora of standing seam varieties at Roof Solutions and Constructions makes it easy to have a say over the design of the metal roof installment as well. 

#6: They Are Eco-Friendly

Environmentally conscious home and business owners are happy to hear that metal roofs are a more eco-friendly option than other roofing materials. This is because most metal roofs are composed of at least 30% recycled materials, with some made entirely from recycled metals. Even better, in years down the line when the metal roof is ready to be discarded, it can easily be recycled as well. 

Furthermore, as mentioned earlier, metal roofs do a much better job of cooling homes than traditional roofs. This reduces the need for nonrenewable energy sources such as HVAC systems. The less energy used, the less carbon footprint that a home makes. For these reasons, contributing to a more sustainable future is more feasible than ever with the purchase of a metal roof. 

Hire A Metal Roof Expert Today

Looking for an El Paso roofing company to get started with a major roof renovation? Any roof-related issue, big or small, can be taken care of with the help of Roof Solutions and Construction. Whether it’s tile, metal, or flat roofing, this team truly can do it all. 

This experienced company can assist with: 

  • Multi-unit roof repairs
  • Roof installation and replacements
  • Storm damage repairs
  • Roof leak detection and repair
  • Roof restorations 
  • So much more! 

Contact the versatile team of contractors at Roof Solutions and Construction to obtain a high-quality metal roof today!

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